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Operated under the guidance of school leaders, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of SFAI (hereinafter referred to as “the Office”) is both a window and a bridge for general foreign affairs. It takes charge of administrative affairs that involves foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


1. The Office conscientiously implements all the guidelines, policies and foreign affairs laws of the state and the Party. Based on the development plans of SFAI, the Office formulates a range of regulations and rules to guide foreign affairs.

2. Reviews all foreign exchange matters including those ordered by higher authorities, organized by the school and others.

3. The Office is responsible for the selection of excellent candidates for the award of the China Scholarship Council.

4. The Office guides candidates to take proper initiatives to be ideologically prepared for traveling abroad with security awareness.

5. The Office is responsible for external publicity, inter-school exchanges and joint running of schools.

6. The Office contacts, engages with and cooperates with foreign organizations.

7. The Office takes charge of inviting and hiring foreign officials, experts, scholars and teachers for visit and exchange.


Tel.: 023-65920818, 023-65921098 Email:guojichu@scfai.edu.cn

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