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(1) International apartments are only provided for the employed foreign teachersexperts, invited guests by SCFAI or the international students studying in SCFAI.





2)、All the one to live in should firstly fill in the check-in formalities in the international apartments. When moving in, he/she should make clear all the items in the room are in good condition, according to the list from the international office, and is to sign on the list to confirm.




3)、Any resident should abide by the laws and regulations of China, and is not allowed to conduct any illegal activity in international apartment.




4)、 Resident should keep quiet and should not conduct activities in the apartment that may disturb the other one’s study or rest, such as shouting, alcohol abuse, and loud music, etc.. Assemblies and parties are prohibited without permission by the International Office.




(5) Resident should live in the room designated by the International Office, and should not change the rooms privately without official permission. Apartment should be kept clean. Any pet is prohibited in the apartment. International apartments are not possibly used as the private studio, such as to make the oil painting, sculptures, and not as the teaching classroom either.




(6)Any item in the apartment needs to be repaired, the resident should inform the international office for the soonest repair. Damage caused by the resident will need to be compensated according to the value of the damaged item.







(7)The resident needs to leave the apartment for an comparatively long time, before his/her leaving, must remember to close all the windows and lock the doors, unplugging the unnecessary appliances while away, for the safety purpose of the apartment as well as to conserve the energy. Any fire disaster occurred due to the resident against the management regulation, he/she shall bear the relating responsibility and compensate all the economic losses, or even bear the legal responsibility if a serious aftermath caused.





8)、Resident should not house their guests. Friends of a resident come to visit, should leave the apartment before 11p.m..


九、学校的假期中,入住人员如不拟住在公寓, 须提前告知国际处,房间钥匙应自行妥善保管或交回国际处,不得擅自交与其他人保管或将公寓房借与他人入住。


9)、If the resident does not live in the apartment during the holidays, he/she should inform the international office, and the key must be properly kept or returned to the international office. It is not allowed to have any one else use the apartment duration.




10)、Resident should take good care of his/her own valuable properties, and large sum of cash money, which is suggested to be deposited into the bank. If stolen, the school is not responsible for any compensation.





11)、For the safety, resident is not suggested to be out singly at night. And, in his/her life or study, if has any question or needs any help, please contact the international adviser at the first moment. When sick, should inform the international adviser as soon as the possible for the needed help. And, when it is necessary, the international adviser will arrange someone together with the sick one to the hospital.


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